About Us

A Bakery To Spread Love For Our Loving Pooches

Royal Pooch appear from the pure joy and love for our   friendly pooches

Royal Pooch Bakery is one of the best pet cake shops in Rohini came into existence when Cristo entered our founder’s life. This journey plays an important role in Royal Pooch Pet Bakery as some people treat their pooches as their children and the same our founder does.

 He decided to make Cristo better in every possible way one of which was by treating him with the best bakery items and it proceed fast Pooch Bakery to make some baked items like cakes, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and royal pooch treats so that these goody items can be enjoyed by all the pooches.

We acknowledge that our pooches have a right to be loved with the best and healthy for which we use only dog friendly and pet friendly ingredients to keep our pooch’s health on priority. We should know the difference between us and our pooches we can’t serve them with the food we made for us.

They are different and eat differently various foods available for made only to make your pooches special let’s serve them with some cake and baked items. Our outstanding chef respect everyone’s needs and come together in their needs in delicious recipes for your pooches.

we are dedicated to our services and always try to add some more delicious items to the menu. Our recipes are not limited to ingredients only the first thing we add is love for our pooches. This is what makes us a special and well-known bakery for birthday cake shops in north Delhi.

Our Superb services include:

Good quality stuff- The most important thing is ingredients. Our outstanding staff choose the best to include. We don’t compromise on quality and promise to serve the best.

Personalized- We provide services for Personalized cakes and other items. Every pooch is special for which we give services like special flavour, decoration, and name on the cake to make your pooches big day even more special.

Outstanding Staff- Our team of chefs includes highly trained chefs with skill in creating pooch-baked items.